How to Play Lotto and Win in South Africa

Do you want to know all about lotteries in South Africa: how to play and win, where to look for great deals and find out all the subtleties of a successful game? Then this article about the most popular daily lotto will definitely be useful to you.

The South African passion for the lottery originated in 2000 and has not subsided to this day. For example, in the past 2020 alone, transactions worth 3.972 billion rand were completed, which is an average of 5 million transactions per week.

Betting in South Africa

However, it is worth remembering that Africa is not a country, but a continent. Consequently, it contains dozens of countries. All African countries have their own gambling rules. Obviously, these rules and laws vary from state to state. So it’s not easy to talk about African online lotteries. We will try to show a few. For example, in Nigeria, lotto is usually allowed by law. However, the online lottery remains unregulated, so it is a gray area.

The situation is more obvious in South Africa. Online lotteries are completely legal here. However, in some countries such games remain illegal. In such places, it’s a little more difficult to play for a billion dollar prize, but still: nothing is impossible.

How to Play Lotto Online in Soith Africa?

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Every time you learn about online lotteries, our best advice is to start reading the best online lottery strategies. This way you will get a general idea of how to play and what works. Of course, this is only if you plan to win huge amounts of money. So, you’d better read our guide to winning the lottery and get acquainted with the basic rules of the online lottery:

  • Avoid choosing the same numbers as the previous winners – these numbers were successful for this winner, but they are unlikely to be successful for you. The probability that the same exact set of numbers will be chosen again is so small that you might as well consider it impossible.
  • Check the previous losing numbers – take a look at the statistics to see which numbers haven’t dropped out for a while. The probability says that all numbers will eventually fall out the same number of times, so if a certain number has not appeared for a long time, it may be worth choosing it at the next game.
  • Choose both even and odd numbers – If you look at the history of the South African lottery, you will see that draws of all even or all odd numbers are extremely rare. In fact, statistics show that this happened in only 3% of the draws. By including both even and odd numbers in your choice, the probability will be on your side.
  • Study lottery statistics – the numbers that fall out in the lottery fall out randomly, which means that the whole game is left to chance. But this does not mean that you cannot analyze the statistics accumulated over the years. When you look at the most (and least) frequently dropped numbers, it can give you a good idea of which numbers you should choose and which ones you should avoid.

Now that you know the basic tips and tricks for winning the lottery, as well as the most popular lottery tickets that you can buy in Africa, it’s time to learn something else. It’s time to figure out where you can buy tickets to these games in order to apply the newly learned strategies. Let me recommend you some of the best African lotteries online! First of all, you need to be careful when choosing a site that you trust with your bank details. To make sure that you have chosen a reliable and legitimate website, be sure to read our list of reviews of the best online lotteries in Africa. We have chosen the best ones – just for you.

South African National Lottery

The South African National Lottery was established in 2000 and is the most popular and successful form of gaming in South Africa in terms of profit and number of participants. More than 800,000 tickets were distributed on the first day of lottery sales. During the first three weeks of operation, lottery tickets worth more than 70,000,000 rand were sold.

In October 2002, the lottery operator Uthingo proposed the concept of a new game “Keno”. The lottery was rejected by the Ministry of Trade and Industry in March 2003. In November 2003, a new Lotto Plus game was launched.

Uthingo was the operator of the South African National Lottery until March 2007, in April the lotteries suspended their work indefinitely. In September 2007, the contract was transferred to Gidani and their cooperation is still relevant. When sales resumed, more than 200,000 lottery tickets were distributed within a few hours.

In accordance with the terms, 34% of the sales go to the central charity fund, 50% form the prize fund.

There are several types of lotteries:

Instant lotteries

This is the simplest kind of lotteries. On the purchased ticket, you need to erase the closed field: you will learn about the winnings immediately after the process of removing the scratch layer. Some instant type lotteries have a different principle: you just tear off part of the ticket and then unfold it. Small winnings can be obtained at the place of ticket purchase, a large “jackpot” requires contacting the organizers directly.

Draw lotteries

This is the most popular and in-demand type of lotteries. Draw draws are divided, in turn, into 2 more varieties.

The first option involves an independent choice of numbers, the second is a ready-made ticket with a unique number. The most popular are those lotteries in which the player chooses the numbers themselves.

There are also local lotteries:

  • Promotions
  • Quizzes
  • Advertising Sweepstakes

As a rule, these are one-time events that are held by the organizers for commercial purposes.

Usually, in such events, not cash prizes are played, but goods. Experienced players advise not to neglect such events – sometimes the probability of winning in them is quite high due to the limited number of participants.

When Does Lotto Play in South Africa

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The price is from 0.52 rand.

NationalLottery Review

The Daily Lotto lottery has been held since 2019. The draws are held daily, at 20:30 local time, live with the opportunity to make bets online.

So, how to play Daily Lotto on the lottery uses the game matrix “5 out of 36”, and to win the jackpot, you need to correctly guess 5 digits. The probability of winning is 1 out of 376.992, but the chances of getting a secondary prize are much greater — 1 out of 8.

A well—known lottery agent is Lotto Agent, through which you can buy a ticket or you can just buy it directly on the lottery website. There is no commission for the prize. The winnings received are not taxed by South Africa.

Thunderball Lotto

  • The price is from 3.03 rand.
Thunderball Lotto

Both in the world and in Britain, the best lottery is Thunderball Lotto — so many participants believe because of the high chances of winning. It has been played for more than 20 years, since 1999. Since 2018, the lottery has been held four times a week. In South Africa, it is also now at the peak of popularity.

The principle of the game is “5 out of 39”. In addition to the five main numbers, you must specify one additional of the 14 possible ones. If three main balls or one additional ball match, the participant is guaranteed to receive a prize.

The prize fund does not depend on the number of tickets sold — it is fixed, in the amount of about 800,000 – 900,000 RAND. Recently, 500,000 rand is considered a regular jackpot, and 1.000.000 rand is considered an increased jackpot. Winning money is not taxed.


The price is from 1 rand.

LotteryExtreme South Africa

The lottery has been in existence since 2012. Due to the huge popularity, since 2018, the drawings have been held twice a day: at 14.00 and 21.00 local time. The principle of the game is “6 out of 39”. Viewers have a chance of winning equal to 1 in 83.657. According to African law, winnings are not taxed. The average ticket price is 1 euro with a permanent jackpot of 1 million euros. The amounts of secondary prizes also do not change.

There is also a bonus number in the drawings — “Bonus”. There are seven prize categories in the lottery. After six numbers are played, the audience has a chance to win 10,000 rands — the bonus ball determines the winner in the “5 + B” category.


The price is from 5 rand.

Lottoland South Africa

Lottoland has a rich history — it was launched in 1988. Today, the draws are held twice a week, at 20.00 local time.

The standard jackpot until recently was the amount of 2,000,000 rand.  There is no jackpot limit, it is played until there is a winner. In the entire history of the lottery, the largest jackpot was the amount of 18,900,000 rand — the amount was won by a syndicate of 16 people who divided the winnings among themselves.

To get the main prize, you need to correctly guess 6 numbers out of 47. The probability of winning is 1 in 10.700.000.

Hollywoodbets Lotto

Price — from 3 rand.

Hollywoodbets Lotto

Hollywoodbets lotto is a state lottery that was closed for a while. In the updated format, it has continued to exist since 2017.

The participants have a high chance of winning — 1 to 9.6. The draws are held twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday, at 23.15 local time. The largest jackpot was played in 2018 — the amount of 23.000.000 rand was received by the family.

The minimum jackpot is 2.000.000 rand. If the winner is undecided, the jackpot goes to the next draw, and its amount increases by 50,000 rand. This happens until some lucky person wins the prize.

There are nine prize categories. To get the minimum prize, it is enough to guess the number of the additional Star Ball. 52 simple balls and 10 additional ones participate in the drawing. To win, you need to correctly guess 5 numbers. Another feature of the lottery is a special “All Star Bonus” option. By clicking the appropriate button, you can increase the amount of the secondary prize by 2, 3, 4 or 5 times.


Price — from 6 rand

LotoNumbers South Africa

France Loto is a French state lottery, which is especially popular in South Africa. Each participant has a high chance of winning a prize — 1 to 16. The biggest jackpot was 24.000.000 rand. The initial prize is 2.000.000 rand, if it is not raffled, then the prize goes to the next draw. The amount increases by 1,000,000 rand each time. The jackpot limit is 36.000.000 rand.

The game involves 49 simple and 10 additional balls. In this lottery, the largest number of prize categories is 10. To get a prize, it is enough to guess one additional ball. To increase the chances, you can use the expanded bet.

How to Play Lotto on Mobile Phone

It is known that smartphones rule the world. The same applies to the lottery game. Today there are many different applications for playing lotto online. But the most popular in South Africa are:

Yesplay App

YesPlay Mobile Lotto

YesPlay is a unique gambling project in South Africa, which combines many lotteries.

Today it is an actively developing company, which has more than half a million active players.

Externally, the mobile application corresponds to the usual modern template. Standard structured sections and a clearly lined line are combined with animated elements, advertising banners and bonus offers. You can read more about this application on our website in the review article.

Yesplay lotto resembles a Mega million game. The draw is held every Wednesday and Saturday.

Most lotteries are very similar and differ in winning chances, prizes and the frequency of draws.

In the operator’s application you will find the following variants of Yesplay lotto:

Lotto or classic Yesplay lucky numbers

This is one of the most popular lotteries in South Africa with the biggest jackpots. Available here: Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions and Eurojackpot

Daily lotto games

Such games are popular here because of the frequency of draws: they take place several times a day and tickets for them are cheaper than in lotto. The starting price for a ticket is rand. The amount of winnings in such games does not change.

From this category, the site presents: Pick 3 and Pick 4.

Instant lottery

This Yesplay lotto allows you to immediately find out the winnings and get a prize. The chances of winning can reach 1 to 3.

On the website you will find such examples of instant lotteries: Scratch 777 and 100,000 CASH

The smallest jackpot in Yesplay lucky numbers was about 1,000,000 RAND, and the largest was 19,000,000 rand. At the same time, jackpots, despite their huge amount, are always paid on time and without any nuances. Everyone can win, because the starting bid is usually only 10 rands.

TheLotter App

TheLotter South Africa

TheLotter is one of the best mobile online lotteries in South Africa.

The company is constantly updating the list of available games and today there are more than 35 lotteries available from around the world.

Considering that it covers the best lotteries in the world and many others, I can say that all users will be satisfied with its current offer.

The most popular here are:

American Powerball

Powerball is by far the most popular lottery in the world along with Mega Millions. Since the sweepstakes are held three times a week, there are many chances to correctly guess five numbers and Powerball and win the jackpot.

It also has a multiplier that can increase any secondary prize up to 10 times for a small fee. Responsible for the record jackpot of 1,586,000,000 RAND and with a special 10% discount on theLotter, this is my number one choice.

Mega Millions

Mega Millions is another lottery worth playing online. Its setup is similar to Powerball, and they often share the first places in the jackpot rankings, including records. It is also equipped with a special multiplier called Megaplier.

Knowing this, and that I can subscribe or play a multi-draw and get discounts over 10% discount on theLotter, this is another great choice.


Switching attention to Italy, SuperEnalotto is a great European game for everyone who wants to become a millionaire. All you need is six rooms plus an exclusive 10% discount on theLotter to have the right shopping cart when you play online for the first time.

He has three weekly draws, and I personally prefer to play at least two of them. As always, I tend to let the system “quick pick” and “Six numbers for me”.

The biggest jackpot winner in the history of theLotter took a whopping 300,000,000 rand.

Despite the fact that the operator continued to pay hefty prizes to its players, according to the website, until today, more than 98,000,000 rands have been paid to lottery winners. Referring to tips on how to win the lottery can help you find the right ways to win the jackpot.

If you want to learn more about the theLotter application, then you can find an expert review directly on our website.

How to Play Lotto via SMS?

  • To begin with, I will clarify: the SMS game is not available around the clock. You can place a bet and choose numbers from 7.50 to 20.00 local time;
  • In order to play, you need to connect the SMS service. There are different ways to do this. In order not to get confused, it is better to go to the official super-lotto website of your region. For example, the rules may be the same for one city, and completely different for another;
  • What does the player receive by SMS? Usually these are: the type of lottery you selected, the numbers you selected, the date and time of the draw, the number of tickets and their cost, the number of lottery tickets;
  • Next, the player receives an individual lottery number. This number must be saved. If you win, you provide this number as a confirmation that it was you who played the lotto, and not someone else.

How to Win the Lotto and what You Should Know to Do It

Skeptics believe that only lottery organizers remain the winners. Let’s just say that it is possible to win the lottery, of course, and every player has a chance of taking the jackpot. Probability theory and mathematics with the basics of statistics allow the possibility of winning any lottery ticket at any time.

However, in the theory of the game there is also such a thing as distance, and it is distance that is the main obstacle on the path of ordinary players to the desired wealth. In other words, a fair amount of time can pass from the moment of waiting for a win to the winning itself. You can play the lottery for a day, a month, a year, ten years – and the probability of winning will always be about the same.

There are many types of lotteries: it is very easy for a beginner to get lost from this variety. The main advice for all beginners is to play better in the most popular and large–scale lotteries.

  • Firstly, in the most popular lotteries, as a rule, there is a very solid jackpot;
  • Secondly, if you win the national lottery, you will not need to go too far to get honestly earned money.

Let’s warn you right away that lotteries don’t have any special secrets. So if you are offered some kind of supersystems, wonderful strategies for money, you are most likely just being “bred”. It is not worth spending money on the purchase of miracle techniques, it is better to buy an extra ticket.

There are probably as many ways and methods of winning the lottery as there are players themselves. Some cross out the numbers that make up the date of their birth (experts do not advise doing this), others are guided by a purely random choice, others adhere to the most complex mathematical strategies.

Nevertheless, there are methods that really increase (although not by much) the probability of winning. These methods are publicly available: perhaps one of them will help you become a millionaire today.

Method 1. Psychological

Let’s call this method “Down with stereotypes!”. The technology is based on the psychological approach described above. Choosing lucky numbers, conditionally divide them into 3 equal (or approximately equal) parts. The point is that most players choose numbers from the first 60-75% of the options offered. For example, in the lottery “6 out of 49” people are much more likely to choose numbers from 1 to 31.

There is a simple explanation for this phenomenon – a significant part of lottery participants, when choosing numbers, are guided by dates familiar to them – birthdays, weddings, other memorable events, and since the number of days in months does not exceed 31, numbers outside this value occur several times less often when filling out coupons. You can take advantage of this – if the numbers that come after 31 win, the amount of your profit will be greater due to the smaller number of winning options.

Method 2. Lottery Syndicate

Participation in the organization. Lottery syndicate is a group of players who purchase tickets by a common bank and distribute the profits received according to the funds deposited. Such a system allows you to make numerous and large bets, while the investments of a particular participant remain within reasonable limits.

Increasing the number of combinations is a real way to increase the probability of winning.

The syndicate allows you to cover more options in such lotteries.

Method 3. Multiplicity

This is the easiest and most reliable way to stay in a long game with minimal effort.

You make several game combinations consisting of your favorite numbers, pay for the selected number of draws and wait for the results. You don’t have to think about numerical combinations, developing new game strategies for each draw: you just have to wait until your combination of numbers and the winning one match.

Method 4. Distribution Circulation

Be sure to participate in distribution runs in which a large jackpot has accumulated.

Distribution draw is a draw in which the super prize accumulated during several games is divided among all the winners. The frequency of such a draw is regulated by lottery rules, but by law the distribution must be carried out at least once a year.

The distribution really increases the size of the winnings. Millionaires are often people who participate in such circulations. As for the jackpot, sometimes it reaches unimaginable sizes, while the probability of its “withdrawal” remains the same. In other words, you can get much bigger winnings for the same money.

Method 5. Expanded Bid

The game is an expanded bet. An expanded bet is a bet containing more than one numerical combination in the playing field. This technology is applicable in lotteries, where the player can choose the lucky numbers himself.

Naturally, the cost of the expanded bet is much higher, but the probability of winning and payouts for the winning combination increases.

Player Reviews of Their Experience Playing Online Lotteries

People’s opinions radically differ. On the one hand, there are people who do not believe in the possibility of winning and consider holding games to be fraud and a way of money laundering.

Other participants win and talk about their strategies, tactics and great luck, which together helped them win.

Thanks to the Internet and online intermediaries, it has become much easier to play lotteries. But when buying a ticket, it is necessary to check the information regarding the receipt of winnings: prizes in some games cannot be credited to the account, only in person.


It’s time to take stock. Immediately I would like to note a few facts that were previously indicated, but should not be forgotten:

  • Winning the lottery is real, since their organizers, firstly, are well-known companies that monitor their reputation and have state registration, which means their actions are controlled by various structures. Secondly, the possibility of victory is best illustrated by the happy faces of the winners, who appear here and there around the globe. Their emotions can be understood: they became rich in an instant or received a valuable prize.
  • The chance to win the jackpot is very small. On the other hand, it is much more realistic to get a smaller win, which, with all this, will still remain solid.
  • There is no strategy that guarantees success in all situations. But there are several technologies that allow you to increase the size of the potential winnings.
  • Believe in yourself and your strength. Most of the lucky ones note that, firstly, they have been involved in lotteries for a long time, and, secondly, they have always tried to believe in themselves.

Do not forget that everyone can play, but you always need to stay cool and calm. Only a measured approach can help to win in tandem with patience, because there are few cases when someone was lucky just like that. Often, people go to victory for a long time, as in any other business, although this does not affect the fact that the lottery is a way to make a quick profit.


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